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Can Product Demo Videos Be A Great Converting Tool?

Can Product Demo Videos Be A Great Converting Tool? 

Videos are always great for communicating ideas and educating the audience. Since both the sense of sound and sight are involved, the information retention rate is impressively higher. It is more vivid and instructive.  

Production agencies associated with video production in and around Brisbane city in Australia claim that they have been receiving projects from all types and sizes of business. Video production cost in Brisbane are reasonable enough to reason with.  Be it a service-based industry or a brand producing goods, including videos in their marketing strategy can be a good decision. 


Understand What A Demo Video Is 

A demo video represents your offerings, the ways they work and address the existing pain points of the intended audience visually accompanied by good audio, text overlays (optional) and others. 

Demo videos are also called Sales Videos and Explainer Videos. Their purpose is to educate the intended audience on the products or services you are marketing and training to sell. 

It is effective in correctly displaying the value of the marketed object, impossible in another content format. Video marketers generate 60% more sales qualified leads than marketers relying solely on graphical and textual forms of marketing. 


It Helps…

Demo videos help in showcasing the features and possible use of the product/service in question vividly. Your audience can imitate the techniques following the video at their convenience most appropriately. There is a noticeable difference between reading the methods from a manual/magazine/article/blog and watching the procedure/technique from a video. 


Lead Generator for B2B & B2C

B2B companies can easily direct prospects down the sales funnel with the smart use of demo videos. The same goes for the B2C domain. There are plenty of options with your competitors sweating hard to claim the attention of your customers/clients. Also, when your prospects are considering your brand a lot many factors can tempt them to take a leap from your sales funnel and dive into that of your competitors. 


Demo videos make the information or instructions shared more transparent with sight, sound and motion. The clearance of the confusion supports a better purchasing decision. 


Create A Demo Video with Professionals 

It is crucial to assess the needs and identify the goal of filming such videos. It can be only conversion or an instructive/educational one to help your prospects/existing customers understand the correct usage of the product. Always determine your audience and set the budget. Video production cost in Brisbane is highly competitive due to the presence of several equally competing video production agencies with good service record.

Professionals will help to structure your demo video and make a wise decision choosing between animation and live-action video. The creative team write the script, while your marketing team shapes the marketing plan better in association with them.


Remember these…

Demo videos neither give an introduction to your enterprise nor talk about your employees, your mission, your vision etc. Do not confuse it with a Corporate Branding video or a Review Video. It focuses solely on showcasing the product and the concerns it solves, how it solves and alternate uses (if any). 

Such videos are leveraging tools to be introduced towards the mid to low funnel stages in lead generation. The objective behind making such videos is always conversion, sometimes instructive as after sales support to customers. 

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