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Omicron Restrictions Seem To Choke Australia’s Live Music Sector Heavily 

Omicron Restrictions Seem To Choke Australia’s Live Music Sector Heavily 

The pandemic situation took a toll on arrays of industries across the world, and the music industry in Australia is no exception. The emergence of the omicron variant of this prevailing Covid 19 and the resulting newer restriction feel a bit too much. 


Though it is for the protection and betterment of the public at large only, the music industry seems to cripple miserable under its heavy watchful eye. Australia occupies the 6th position in terms of providing the largest music market across the globe on the basis of overall revenues. In terms of digital sales, the continent holds the 7th largest music market worldwide. 


The pandemic situation hit hard the music industry because the live music sector happens to form the backbone of the Australian music industry. Whether it is for generating revenue for the industry or reaching the target audience directly. The newer restrictions that accompany the emergence of the omicron variant of the Covid-19 banned the activities like dancing and signing or any sort of live performance across indoor hospitality venues in New South Wales until 27th January 2022. 


“Singing and dancing is prohibited in hospitality venues (including pubs, clubs, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants), entertainment facilities, and major recreation facilities until 27 January.”

— NSW Health (@NSWHealth) January 9, 2022


The prohibition of and restrictions on live music performance across venues around the New Year time and other major events is a serious blow to the sector for sure. Live performances of any kind (dancing, singing, playing instruments) in clubs, pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and recreational facilities until 27th January 2022 faced harsh criticism from several quarters of the music industry across the continent. 

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  Stephen Wade

Stephen Wade, a senior agent and the owner at Select Music, stated  “As an industry, live music moved forward on the promise that if we reached high vaccination rates across the board we would be able to trade,” 


Reportedly, the Australian music industry spends more than  $350 million on recorded music every year. The live performance music industry in Australia amounts to a whopping amount of around $1.5 billion. It is a fact that the live performance industry in the continent is larger and enjoys a more rewarding position than videos games, film, and television domains. Now, the prohibitions and restrictions on its activities and performance across major cities and states are causing colossal damage to the music industry at large. 


A renowned agency, associated with music video production in Brisbane admits that digital music happens to be the fastest and largest growing music industry domain post-pandemic. The music videos shared online across popular platforms are supporting musicians, including those of popular bands, during this tough time incredibly well. Nevertheless, the need to boost live music across the continent is also important to revive and help the live performance sector sustain the clutches. 


That being said we all understand the need to respect and follow pandemic restrictions for the sake of our and others’ safety. The formulation and incorporation of some necessary adjustments to the live music strategies are the need of the hour. 

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