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The Cultivation & Distribution of Knowledge Via Videos During the Pandemic

The Cultivation & Distribution of Knowledge Via Videos  During the Pandemic  

The pandemic situation forced us all to seek security within our four-walled rooms. Except for medical situations, stepping outside was a big NO-NO. How we survived the period only we know and it doesn’t need any elaboration. 

The ones whose growth prospects seemed to be on slippery grounds were the students. Students across all age groups suffered, rather could have suffered the most had there been no arrangement for online classes and courses. 


Online Classes & Videos

Videos on education and professional courses (like diploma and management courses) helped innumerable students and learning enthusiasts worldwide to not stay deprived and denied of knowledge. If they couldn’t reach the institutes or the facilities to receive knowledge, teachers made sure to reach them via online learning. This was possible for schools, and colleges, for holding university classes, private tuitions, paid online face-to-face sessions etc. 

There were, however, several who wanted to add more to their knowledge base by supplementing their academic and training sessions with more e-learning treasures. It was possible for them because someone somewhere decided to make a video on the subjects and published it online on popular video sharing platforms or on their website or social accounts. 


The Curfew Couldn’t Stop the Videos 

It has indeed become easy to share knowledge with others and guide them with proper tips via videos. Videos help to grasp the subject matter better and feel more entertaining as the learners get to see the person administering the knowledge through proper visuals and audio. 

A reputable organization involved in education-based Video production Brisbane admits that during the pandemic phase the demand for videos skyrocketed. This demand is still prominently visible as the crisis eases steadily now. 


How did It help and How It Still Does? 

Experts either do the videography on their own or get reputable video production and video marketing agencies to shoot the session. Either way, videos helped spread knowledge remarkably well during the period when seeking information via tangible forms seemed impossible. Academic and Training videos, DIY project videos, Exam tips and tricks videos and as such other relevant learning-based videos proved to be assets to learning enthusiasts across the world (wherever accessing a steady internet connection is possible). 

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Experts resorted to content curation for learning heavily during the pandemic phase. A trend that is still continuing at full throttle even during this post-pandemic phase. Videos proved to be the most and perhaps the only channel that facilitated the continuation of teaching and learning without any interruption. 

The effectiveness of tutorial videos paired with online classes is truly applaudable in every possible manner. It facilitated the learning enthusiasts to grasp the subject and the topic far better than what would have been possible via online classes only. 


Know it

As the pandemic unfolds across the world steadily now, there is a need to redesign the education process so that it stays equipped to meet emerging emergency education challenges. It will ensure the safeguarding of the learning opportunities of the students (be it for academic or vocational courses) during any national or international crisis. 

Learning courses backed suitably with videos can go a long way in this regard. More and more encouragement from and involvement of educationalists, subject experts, e-learning content curators, and teachers in making videos on their domain are desirable to keep the boat of learning stay afloat even when the storm hits us harder. 

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