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Can Videos Turn Undecided Voters Into the Decided Ones this 2022?

Can Videos Turn Undecided Voters Into the Decided Ones this 2022?

Running campaigns across the cities, making promises that sound promising and attacking the opposite party through ads have been keeping the Australian on edge these days. Thanks to the constant media coverage, accessing upgraded and different versions of the current scenario is never a challenge. 

Captivating an informed and ever-curious audience at every stage of the ongoing campaign via video ads is crucial to influencing them in one’s favour.

Young Netizens Can’t Be Ignored

Needless to say, video production and video marketing are inevitable for conducting an effective campaign. An attention-grabbing barrage of video advertisements is also highly effective in channelizing the focus of the young tech-savvy generations on your campaigns. It is imperative to have their support to better shape the way to the throne one is eyeing.

If the youth stays ignorant and aloof, it signals a threat that requires immediate action through strategic means. 

Videos in Political Marketing

Videos, rather than a video ad,  are the best mediums to influence voters cutting across geographical and demographic barriers. Major video production houses working with a team of sheer creative and hi-tech experts can do proper justice to the cause. 

Being the most sought after and preferred political marketing medium, curating video content with an impact is desirable. Chalking out a few basic yet fetching political campaign video content creation and marketing ideas can help cast a robust influence on voters.  

Strategies that Work

Professionally produced videos sometimes can go viral, which accelerates the growth of the campaign digitally. Humorous and hard-hitting videos often enjoy better shareability on social accounts, earning a sure place in the social feeds of the online audience.  

What to Show? 

Filming the candidate during a meeting (not the confidential typos for sure) can be a good idea. It showcases how she/he handles the situation, responds and reacts to an issue during the session. 

Shaping the scenes via a tactful use of the camera highlighting the events and displaying how the candidate deals with it can embroider the footage with impactful details. 

Footages of meetings, speeches, rallies, and interviews are always of interest to the voters. Live streaming videos via popular social media channels (like Facebook) enable voters to enjoy the clippings on their handsets on the go right when the action is in progress. 

Add Convenience to the Videos

Adding closed captions and or narrations makes the videos even more informative. Not always it becomes easy to follow what is going on even though the sound quality is undeniably good. 

Don’t make the viewers struggle to understand what the video unfolds. Remember, options are multiple and patience is low. 

Add Personality to Your Online Campaign

Candidates can influence the voters better with a personal appeal ensured digitally. These days it is only obvious that the candidates also have directed their campaigns to the digital realm. How about including a personal introduction video on the home page of their official website? 

synapsecreative-video-production company

It will be a great opportunity for the public at large (internet surfers) to hear out the candidate and know what her/his reason to run for the election is. 

The social media landscape is overly crowded nowadays. During the election, the sites are flooded with political campaign videos. Personal videos with direct messages and appeal in a personalized way can go a long way to influence the targets with no time and geographic restrictions. 

Story-driven Videos for Political Marketing 

It is essential to capture and project the authenticity and immediacy of the candidates live on story-driven videos.  Voters hardly use their logic and are mostly driven by their emotions when casting a vote in someone’s favour. 

Story-driven campaign videos give a competitive edge by allowing the candidate to evoke an emotional response. Consistent video content creation for a candidate and the political party and released on popular platforms by an expert video team can impact the way the public perceives the candidate. 

A few factors that favour political campaign videos 

  • Simplicity and straightforwardness: Keep the message to the point and easy to understand. 
  • The presentation needs to be posh and pro-grade in ‘look’ but personal to ‘feel’
  • Conceptualize your video strategy that best portrays your party campaign
  • Add captions, include text overlays judiciously and complement it with precise descriptions to avoid confusion 
  • Definitely explore the potentiality of YouTube to better market and brand your campaign videos. 


Political ads and Campaign Videos are instrumental in reaching the audience far and wide, branding the candidate, broadcasting your message tactfully and influencing the voters. 

The advertising, campaigns, and media coverage are all essential to craft an image that the parties try to project and win the election based on. So, use it to your advantage. 

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