Video production costs

Video production costs in Brisbane Explained for Your Convenience

Video production costs in Brisbane Explained for Your Convenience

Video content adds greater value to your online campaign is true. But, the budget is a big factor hard to ignore. Having reliable information regarding video production costs will be a helpful factor for any brand planning to use videos to allure the targets down the sales funnel. 


Videos help businesses to

  • Educate the audience better
  • Convince the audience of your business credibility 
  • Generate leads 
  • Customer engagement


Videos help institutions to

  • Brief the newcomers 
  • Introduce the organization to the target audience 
  • Spread brand awareness 


Contrary to popular belief, professional video production doesn’t cost sky-high. Nevertheless, there are several costs associated that influence the final billing amount. Also, there are a number of considerable factors that can impact the price. A proper understanding of these can smarten up the brand owners and marketers on the possible pricing of video production. 


Typical Video Production Cost Associated 


Project Management Cost 

Their contribution to the project is important. They are the ones who make sure to wrap up the project within the deadline and the budget. The job responsibility is that of a producer to some extent. Expect to sideline a sum of $1200 (approximately) per day for paying the video production manager or coordinator. 


Scripting Cost 

Your video definitely needs a script unless it is a silent video. Video production companies usually have professional script writers in their teams to create a concept, and make a storyboard and script for the project. The video length impacts the cost here. Experienced scriptwriters might charge $50 to $150 per hour. 


On-Screen Talent Recruitment Cost

It is an inevitable addition to most professional video production projects. Actors, Models, and Voice-Over Artists might charge anywhere from $50 an hour to $500 an hour.  


Cut-Away Shot Cost

Only the dialogues always don’t serve the purpose of communicating the message. The inclusion of supporting visual elements helps significantly. The use of text overlays, illustrations, paid 3d models, royalty free stock images etc is common. Cut-away shots and or B-roll ones might claim 15-40% of the filming budget.  


Location Cost

If the shooting is to take place in a different location it will cost you. Even if the filming is to take place inside a studio, the studio rental will add to the overall video production cost for sure. Also include fees, permits, and travelling cost (if the filming site is in another city or state or country). 


Equipment Cost

Video production costs in Brisbane  will also cover equipment costs. The final cost or the price of the video production package you opt for will definitely include the equipment cost. The cost of basic filming tools to specialized equipment necessary for filming varies from one production house to another. Sometimes a video production company might not have certain tools in their kit for which they need to hire from a rental house. In this scenario, the cost will increase. 


A General Overview 

The going rate of a videographer usually is $250 / hour and that of a video editor might be around $160/ hour. Visual supplements like text animations would cost about $160/ hour. Uploading the footage comes with a price tag reading $100+ approximately. 

For large-scale video production projects, the director might charge around $1500 per day, the producer or project manager $1200 per day, the director of photography $1500 per day and audio technicians charge $800+ per day. 

If aerial videography or photography is to be included in the project, the use of drones is inevitable. In Brisbane, professional drone operators charge $1000 per day. It adds to the project expense significantly. 

Silent videos have to have closed captions or subtitles. It cost you $30 per minute of footage approximately. 


Please Note, 

The amounts quoted here shouldn’t be taken as absolute! These are approximate figures. Nevertheless, the actual cost is very close to the cost amount mentioned here. The difference will be negligible. The video production cost information here can help you set the budget smartly. 

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