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Why Silent Videos Are Making So Much Noise in 2022?

Why Silent Videos Are Making So Much Noise in 2022? 

The virtual video space is overcrowded with too many additions spread across diverse genres. All everyone wants to do is enjoy their trending favourite web series on the online video space. In between these, there are innumerable distractions. What video marketer needs to do is rise above the options and distractions and grab the attention in the very first attempt. 

The video advertising ads that appear in between the content the viewers consume online or in those fleeting moments when they surf through the content aimlessly, a marketer has to devise ways to pitch to them why their product/service deserves an opportunity. 

Via bite-sized videos, it becomes easier to present your views and brand message or the brand offerings (products and services) to a massive captive audience. Getting your content displayed to the targeted audiences is never a challenge but getting your targets to pause and see the content for a while definitely is. 

In Australia, video production company in Wynnum , Brisbane and around reportedly are resorting to different tactics to convince the audience to pause and see what they have to offer. 

A well-crafted silent video can help you not just confront the challenge with some hope but also find success in your attempt to stand out. It becomes possible to tell a compelling story without relying on the audio. The appearances, actions, and behaviours of the actors or narrators do all the talking necessary to communicate the intended message. 


Don’t Make Viewers Hate Your Pop-Ups 

Suppose you are surfing through the content in your feed and suddenly out of nowhere a loud pop-up- ad starts at a full volume. Would you feel like even giving a second look at that noise-polluting video ad? Simply NO!


Let’s take the example of a second scenario–suppose you are watching a video on how blockchain technology can trigger up the safety quotient of your website and a loud ad video on local SEO pops up in the middle. 

How will you feel about it? Won’t you feel utterly annoyed and out of anger just skip the ad? Even if there is no option to skip the ad you will be waiting angrily when the ad will end and you can get back to the video you were watching. 

The situation gets on the nerve, even more, of the viewer when the individual is using a headphone. This sudden outburst of noise the video ad comes with can very well damage their ear. 

These loud and utterly annoying video ads do not grab attention in a POSITIVE way but are a SHOCK that several viewers HATE. 



Synapse Creative, a renowned video production company at Wynnum, in Brisbane Australia openly admits now that the potentiality of silent videos to hit the customers right at the spot without being noisy can serve the purpose better. These are often more engaging than the ones with noise. 

This 2022 a lot many smart marketers and business owners are going gaga over silent videos and there has been quite a buzz around the possibility of it making the targets stop and see the content. 


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